"Cheaper, quicker, safer and a lot more accessible"

There are many great advantages when it comes to selling tickets online for your event.

You’re able to collect essential customer data – which typically isn’t possible when selling physical tickets through the traditional and conventional methods.

By using 180 Group's E-Ticketing platform for your event, you can market the campaign directly by leading potential customers straight through to your sales page, whilst also collating information to assist your marketing campaigns for future events.

There’s also less risk of stolen or lost tickets for your ticket buyers, and you incur less costs as you cut down on production and postage fees of physical tickets.

Customer's receive a "print-at-home" ticket straight through to their E-mail and with our internal sales records, we can update you on how many tickets you have sold for your event, alternatively, customer's can simply display their ticket on their mobile phone.

We can also categorise your ticketing, for example we can incorporate a VIP or any other exclusive category to your event as well as a "Redeem Code" feature and our manageable platform is proving more and more popular with event managers up and down the country.


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